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Grape Fruit: Pretty Pink Lip Balm (Tinted)

"Whisper in Pink with Our Tinted Grapefruit Lip Balm"

Celebrate the fusion of delicate colour and nourishment with our Tinted Grapefruit Lip Balm, caressing your lips with a subtle embrace of baby pink tint while immersing them in a luscious symphony of nature’s most potent elixirs. Elegantly formulated with the rejuvenating power of grapefruit seed oil, your lips are gracefully kissed with a refreshing citrus hint and a tender pink hue, creating a seamlessly soft and enchanting pout.

The sweet, light-infused glow of grapefruit, renowned for its rich Vitamin C content, works harmoniously with a melody of meticulously selected butters and oils. Mango, cocoa, shea, and kokum butters envelop your lips in a velvety softness, while a serenade of olive, almond, coconut, and jojoba oils delivers a radiant, lustrous sheen, ensuring every smile is both beautiful and bewitching.

In every delicate swipe, lips are adorned with a gentle blush of baby pink, ensuring a natural yet enchanting luminosity. Crafted with lip-safe colours and fragrances, this balm is a heartfelt ode to your lips, offering them the delicate, nourishing care they so rightfully deserve.

Unveil your softest, most tantalizingly tinted smile, and let it whisper sweetly in hues of grapefruit pink with our luxuriously nourishing lip balm, where beauty and care dance in a delightful duet.


"Pucker Up in Pink with Our Nutrient-Rich Grapefruit Lip Balm" Elegantly tinted and sumptuously formulated, our Grapefruit Lip Balm bestows your lips with a subtle embrace of baby pink and a rejuvenating citrus caress. Unveil a lustrous, soft pout, kissed by the potent blend of grapefruit seed oil and Vitamin C, while basking in the lush union of exotic butters and nourishing oils. A sweet whisper of colour, a symphony of nourishment—your journey to irresistibly soft, gently tinted lips begins here.

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