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Lightening Hemp And Mint Lip Balm (Non Tinted)

Immerse yourself in the lavish embrace of our Handmade Hemp and Mint Lip Balm, a carefully crafted symphony of some of nature's most nourishing ingredients, lovingly blended to create a potent elixir for your lips. Begin your journey with the subtle, refreshing caress of mint, which breathes a gentle zephyr of freshness onto your senses. Beeswax, a natural shield, lovingly envelops your lips, offering a protective barrier against the harsh elements, while maintaining a soft, delicate sheen.

Mango butter, renowned for its rich, creamy texture and high antioxidant content, intertwines elegantly with cocoa butter, providing a sumptuous depth of moisture and a subtle, delectable aroma. Koke butter, a rare, exotic treasure, adds a uniquely indulgent layer of hydration, coaxing your lips into a state of supple serenity.

Dive deeper into this luxurious concoction and discover the enriching properties of olive and jojoba oils, bestowing a rich infusion of vitamins E and A, safeguarding your lips from oxidative stress and gently assisting in reducing pigmentation. Almond oil subtly joins this lavish ballet of ingredients, providing a silky-smooth canvas upon which these nutrient-dense ingredients can work their magic.

Avocado butter brings forth a rich, creamy base that complements and enhances the collective hydrating properties of its companion ingredients. Its omega-fatty acid content plays a vital role in moisturizing and regenerating the delicate skin of your lips, ensuring they remain soft, plump, and irresistibly kissable.

Nestled amidst these opulent ingredients lies the star of our creation - hemp. Renowned for its gentle, nourishing properties and abundant omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp deeply saturates your lips with vital nutrients, ensuring a healthy, vibrant glow.

Our Hemp and Mint Lip Balm is not merely a product; it is an experience, a journey through nature’s most precious offerings. Its lightening properties gracefully lighten and even the tone of your lips, revealing a naturally vibrant, youthful appearance.

Relish in the holistic, natural wellness of our lip balm and let your lips become a canvas for the pure, ethereal beauty encapsulated in every handmade batch. 


Indulge your lips in the luxurious blend of nature's finest ingredients with our Handmade Hemp and Mint Lip Balm. Crafted meticulously with beeswax and an exotic blend of mango, cocoa, and Kokum butters, this balm not only deeply hydrates but also assists in lip lightening. Olive, jojoba, and almond oils work synergistically, offering a rich dose of vitamins and antioxidants, while avocado butter adds an extra layer of moisture and suppleness. The infusion of hemp provides a gentle nourishment, and a hint of mint refreshes your senses, leaving your lips feeling soft, plump, and visibly luminous. Embrace the pure, wholesome care of our handcrafted balm and let your lips reveal their natural, vibrant beauty.

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