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Wild Lavender 3 Wick Urli Candle

Indulge in the sheer elegance and soothing ambiance of our 400g Wild Lavender Urli Candle. Hand-poured to perfection, this three-wick candle is an epitome of luxury and meticulous craftsmanship. **Occasion:** Just in time for the upcoming Indian festival season, our Wild Lavender Urli Candle stands as an excellent gifting option or as a luxurious addition to your own festivities. Elevate your living space and enrich your special occasions with this elegant, multisensory masterpiece. Choose sophistication; choose our Wild Lavender Urli Candle.


**Container & Lid:** The candle resides in a polished metal container that complements its overall aesthetic. Accompanied by a lid adorned with a beautiful tassel, the ensemble is as practical as it is stylish, preserving the calming aroma of wild lavender while adding an element of sophistication to your home décor. **Embellishments:** No detail is too small for us. Each candle is garnished with real lavender buds, creating an intoxicating visual and olfactory experience. As a finishing touch, we sprinkle biodegradable glitter atop the surface, transforming each candle into a unique, shimmering jewel that captures the eye and the heart. **Aroma & Burn Time:** Upon lighting the wicks, the room fills with the relaxing, rejuvenating scent of wild lavender. A perfect companion for meditation or a quiet evening in, the aroma is designed to soothe your senses and calm your mind. Offering a generous burn time of up to 30 hours, this candle invites you to multiple sessions of aromatic bliss.  

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