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Vintage Vixen Lip and Cheek Tint

Unravel timeless elegance with 'Vintage Vixen' – a deep purple burgundy allure that's undeniably captivating! Handcrafted with the magic of beeswax, luscious butters, and rejuvenating oils, it's the tint of legends. Step into the limelight with a shade that lasts, naturally formulated and tenderly safe for little style icons above 2 years. Wear your vixen vibes and let the vintage magic unfold!


Embrace the epitome of natural elegance with our meticulously handcrafted lip and cheek tint. A harmonious symphony of the finest ingredients, our tint boasts the golden touch of beeswax, the velvety embrace of kokum, avocado, and mango butters, and the rejuvenating whispers of almond and jojoba oils. Each swipe unfurls a hue imbued with the shimmer of skin-safe micas, ensuring a mesmerizing, long-lasting tint. Beyond beauty, our blend champions safety, tenderly curated to be gentle for even the delicate skin of children above 2 years. Step into a realm where nature's opulence meets sophisticated charm, and let your inner glow be unveiled.

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