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Vanilla 7 Wick Urli Candle

Dive into Diwali with our 7-wick vanilla candle, hand-poured and decorated with dried orange and spices. Set in a 13-inch golden metal Urli, it showcases a blend of traditional allure and modern artistry. With a remarkable 110-115 hour burn time, it stands as a captivating centerpiece for your festivities. Brighten your Diwali with this luxurious touch.


Regal Vanilla-Scented Candle for a Grand Diwali

Experience Diwali like never before with our opulent 7-wick vanilla-scented candle. Each candle, diligently hand-poured, emanates a comforting vanilla aroma, creating an inviting atmosphere in your home. Adorned with dried orange slices and a medley of spices, this candle encapsulates the very spirit of the festival, radiating warmth and tradition.

Housed within a splendid 13-inch diameter metal Urli, its design epitomizes royal elegance and meticulous artistry. The shimmering gold of the Urli, juxtaposed with the pure white of the candle, crafts a symphony of traditional and contemporary charm.

Boasting an impressive burn time of 110-115 hours, this candle ensures that the luminance of Diwali envelops your abode for days on end. Perfect as a grand centerpiece, this candle is poised to be the showstopper of your Diwali decor.

Choose grandeur. Choose tradition. Illuminate your Diwali with our vanilla-scented magnum opus.

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