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Strawberry Donut Bath Bomb

Strawberry Splash: Donut Bath Bomb Magic! Indulge in our 35-40g donut-shaped Strawberry Splash bath bomb! Infused with natural oils for silky skin and bursting with a fresh strawberry scent, it's a fizzy delight. Perfect for kids, it turns bath time into a berry-tastic adventure. Dive in and soak up the fun! 🍩🍓


Strawberry Sprinkle: Donut Bath Bomb Bliss!

Dive into a berry delightful experience with our Strawberry Sprinkle bath bomb! Crafted to resemble a donut, this 35-40g fizzy indulgence will make you feel like you've stepped into a strawberry patch.

Key Features:

- Natural Oils: Nourish your skin, leaving it soft and radiant.

- Bubbly Burst: Add a playful spin to your bath with lively bubbles and rosy strawberry tints.

- Luscious Strawberry Aroma: Infused with authentic strawberry fragrances that evoke memories of summer picnics.

Not just a relaxing soak, its donut design makes it a hit among kids, turning bath time into a fun-filled adventure. Drop it in, and watch as your bathwater transforms into a strawberry dream.

Plunge into the donut, delight in the strawberry splendor, and let the fizzy fun take you on a berry sweet escape! 🍩🍓

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