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ScentSutra Mango + Eucalyptus Gift Bag

Discover the epitome of sensory indulgence with the ScentSutra Dhaatu Combo Candle Gift Bag—a curated ensemble of fragrant opulence and visual allure. Elegantly encased in a gold gift bag, this luxurious set features our signature EUCALYPTUS AND TEAKWOOD BLEND and MANGO COCONUT Dhaatu candles. Each aromatic jewel weighs in at a substantial 300g, offering a transcendent experience that goes far beyond traditional gifting. ### Olfactory Symphony Treat your senses to two distinct yet harmonious scent profiles: - **EUCALYPTUS AND TEAKWOOD BLEND**: A revitalizing medley that pairs the invigorating essence of eucalyptus with the earthy undertones of teakwood, crafting an atmosphere of serene elegance. - **MANGO COCONUT**: Escape to an exotic isle where the zesty allure of mangoes harmonizes perfectly with the milky richness of coconuts. Uncompromising Craftsmanship Expertly hand-poured with eco-friendly soy wax, these candles provide a clean and long-lasting burn. Immerse yourself in intense fragrances that fill the air for an impressive 35-40 hours, making each lighting a lingering sensory affair.

Artisan Elegance Each candle is beautifully presented in a hammered metal container, offering a subtle shimmer and intricate texture that catch and reflect the flickering flame's light—turning your space into an enchanting haven.

The Green Grace Note As each candle burns, a charming succulent embed reveals itself, effortlessly merging visual beauty with aromatic splendour—every burn becomes a mini-event to be cherished. The Gifting Gold Standard Housed in an opulent gold gift bag, this set is a ready-to-gift masterpiece for the festive season. It's the ideal offering for occasions that demand nothing short of extravagance, from Diwali and Christmas to anniversaries and milestone celebrations.  


A Gift? No, An Experience. Equally divine for gifting or personal indulgence, the ScentSutra Dhaatu Combo Candle Gift Bag offers an unparalleled, multi-sensory journey that extends well beyond the initial unboxing. Infuse your life and those of your loved ones with incomparable elegance—choose the ScentSutra Dhaatu Combo Candle Gift Bag. Your search for the ultimate luxurious gift ends here. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN INDIA, CUSTOMISED TAG/HANDWRITTEN NOTE ON REQUEST.

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