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Saffron Sringar Basket

Unveil a World of Luxurious Indulgence with Our "Saffron Sringar Basket"

Step into a sanctuary of exquisite pampering and unearth the secrets of regal beauty with our "Saffron Sringar Basket". Curated with scrupulous attention to detail, every element within this beautifully adorned jute basket, illuminated with delicate floral decor, is a tribute to the timeless elegance and profound potency of Saffron - a spice as opulent as it is beneficial.

Dive into the Elegance of Your 'Saffron Sringar Basket' 🎁

  • Kesar & Almond Facewash (100ml): Immerse yourself in a blend where saffron and almond dance together to rejuvenate your skin.
  • Handmade Saffron Zest Soap (130g): A handcrafted union of zest and saffron, reviving your senses with each wash.
  • Gold Powder Eye Mask: Infuse the delicate under-eye area with the luminous power of gold.
  • Saffron Ritual Body Lotion (300ml): Envelop your skin in a saffron-kissed hydration journey.
  • Saffron Ritual Body Wash (300ml): Transform your bath into a saffron-infused ritual of revitalization.
  • Handmade Kajal: Gently accentuate your eyes with our traditionally crafted kajal.
  • Saffron And Walnut Face Scrub (50g): Indulge in a luxurious exfoliation, with the goodness of saffron and walnut.
  • Vitamin C & Saffron Eye Cream (25g): Bestow your eyes with the brightening benevolence of Vitamin C and saffron.
  • Nani Maa’s Ubtan Face Powder (50g): A cherished recipe from grandmothers, reviving the ancient beauty rituals of India.

A Canvas of Authenticity and Purity🌿

Embark upon a journey where each product is a testament to authenticity and the purity of handcrafted perfection, seamlessly intertwining age-old beauty secrets with a contemporary touch, ensuring every dab and lather is a step closer to radiant, nourished skin.

The Quintessence of Beauty and Tradition 

"Saffron Sringar Basket" extends beyond being a mere collection; it is an embodiment of India’s rich tapestry of beauty and tradition, offering a curated touch of luxury and age-old skincare, ensuring every ritual is soaked in opulence and beneficial allure.

A Symphony of Love and Nurturing🎉

Enthrall your loved ones with a basket not just filled with products but brimming with love, care, and nurturing thoughts. The "Saffron Sringar Basket" emerges as a beacon of affluent gifting, ensuring that the recipient is ensconced in a tender, loving embrace of well-being and splendid luxury.

Indulge in the transcendent luxury and resonate with the melodious symphony of heritage, purity, and unprecedented care found within our "Saffron Sringar Basket". 🌼🕯🍊

Exclusive Offerings:

  • Complimentary Shipping: Enjoy free shipping across India and let the spirit of Diwali sparkle wherever you are.
  • Personalized Touch: Opt for a customized Diwali tag or a heartfelt handwritten note to convey your warm wishes in a truly special way.
  • Bulk Orders: Celebrate together, even from afar. Place bulk orders and share the joyous glow of Diwali with everyone you hold dear. Connect with us directly for specialized assistance.


Enthrall your loved ones with a basket not just filled with products but brimming with love, care, and nurturing thoughts.

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