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Retro Barber Body Lotion

Experience a touch of nostalgia with our Retro Barber Unisex Handmade Body Lotion. Presented in a classic 300ml pump bottle, this body lotion captures the essence of old-world charm while offering contemporary skincare benefits.


  Expertly handcrafted from organic ingredients and completely free from SLS and parabens, our body lotion is designed to pamper your skin. The Retro Barber Body Lotion carries an appealing scent reminiscent of vintage barbershop sophistication, offering a sensory trip down memory lane with each application. Enriched with hydrating properties, this lotion leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, and refreshed. Its lightweight formula makes it suitable even for oily skin, ensuring a balanced and comfortable hydration. Step into the classic charm of our Retro Barber Unisex Handmade Body Lotion – where vintage meets modern skincare, and nostalgia becomes a daily luxury.

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