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Rajwada Rang Basket

Indulge in the regal allure of our "Rajwada Rang Basket," a splendid curation inspired by India's royal heritage. Each product within this ensemble echoes the opulence and grace of palatial realms, promising an experience that's truly majestic.


Inside the Royal Trove:

Royal Rose Foot Soak: Let the luxurious touch of rose petals pamper your feet, evoking the leisurely baths of queens and princesses.

Scented Macaroon Candle: A delightful scent that wafts through your spaces, reminiscent of royal feasts and grandeur.

Kumkumadi Bathing Scrub Powder (100g): Reveal radiant skin with this age-old beauty secret, known to adorn the skins of royalty.

Kumkumadi Tailam Face Serum (30g): Experience the glow of kumkumadi, a precious blend that enhances your visage with luminosity fit for a queen.

Handmade Saffron & Honey Scrub Soap (130g): Nourish and exfoliate with the golden goodness of saffron and honey, a tribute to nature's finest.

Handmade Multani Mitti & Papaya Soaps (130g): Discover the age-defying benefits of Multani mitti paired with the rejuvenating touch of papaya.

Haldi and Badam Eye Cream (25g): Brighten and nurture the delicate eye area with the potent blend of turmeric and almond.

A Beautiful Keepsake Basket: Every product rests in an artisanal basket, a timeless piece of art to cherish and reuse.

**Exquisite Add-ons**:

- **Free Shipping Within India**: Because royalty knows no bounds, we ensure your regal ensemble reaches you without any additional cost.


- **Handwritten Note/Tag on Request**: Add a personal touch to your gift, with words scribed from the heart, reminiscent of ancient royal scrolls.

Gift this to a loved one or embrace the royal indulgence yourself. With the "Rajwada Rang Basket," every moment is a step into a grander epoch.

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