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Rainbow Floral Bath Bombs

Radiant Rainbow Floral Fizz: Round Bath Bomb Euphoria! Immerse yourself in a vibrant garden of colors and fragrances with our Rainbow Floral Fizz. Expertly crafted to mimic a round donut, this 35-40g effervescent delight brings together nature's finest. Overflowing with a rainbow of shades, it's an ideal choice for those desiring a splash of color and the calming essence of nature in their bath.


Distinguished Features:

- 🌺 Floral Symphony: Dive into an enchanting mix of floral scents, evoking memories of a garden in full bloom.

- 🌈 Radiant Colors: Be mesmerized as this bath bomb paints a rainbow in your tub, captivating both kids and adults.

- 🌿 Natural Ingredients: Packed with beneficial essential oils and botanical extracts that cater to your skin, rendering it supple, moisturized, and glowing.

A Wholesome Bath Experience:

More than just relaxation, the Rainbow Floral Fizz delivers a complete sensory escape. Each bath transforms into an expedition across aromatic fields and vivid rainbows. With its fun shape and colors, it not only attracts kids but ensures adults relive their cherished moments. Dive in, and let the floral fantasy whisk you away! 🌸🌈🛁

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