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Purple Passion Basket

Celebrate in luxurious style with our "Purple Passion Basket". Thoughtfully curated with handpicked delights, this basket offers a blend of indulgence, charm, and the soothing touch of lavender and other elegant essences.


What's Inside:

Lavender Lust Body Butter (100g): Immerse in the calming embrace of lavender with this creamy body butter, ensuring silky-smooth skin.

Vino Rose Face Wash (100ml): Refresh and revitalize with the essence of rose, for a festive glow that lasts.

Potpourri Lavender: Elevate your spaces with the enchanting fragrance of lavender from this premium potpourri.

Handmade Sweet Lavender Soap (130g): Delight in a gentle cleanse and lingering lavender notes with this artisanal soap.

Handmade Exfoliating Milk & Hemp Soap (130g)**: Nourish and exfoliate with this unique blend of milk and hemp, promising radiant skin.

Purple Clay Lavender Soap (130g): Detoxify and rejuvenate with the potent mix of purple clay and calming lavender.

Summer Zest Soap (130g): Refresh your senses with vibrant summer fragrances, ensuring a spirited shower experience.

Blueberry Lip Balm (Tinted): Hydrate and adorn your lips with a hint of blueberry tint, perfect for festive occasions.

A Cute Napkin: Add a touch of whimsy to any setting with this adorable napkin.

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies: Savor the rich blend of dark chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts, a sweet treat for your Diwali celebrations.

**Special Features:**

- **Free Shipping Within India**: We ensure your basket reaches you or your loved ones without any additional costs.

- **Handwritten Note/Tag on Request**: Personalize your gift with a heartfelt note or tag, hand-written especially for you or your recipient.

Gift this lavish Diwali basket to loved ones or treat yourself to an unparalleled festive pampering experience.

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