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Gold Soirée Bag

Step into the season of sparkle with our "Gold Soiree Bag," a treasure trove of handcrafted bathing luxuries, each infused with the opulent essence of musky oudh and the refreshing touch of herbal essences.


Golden Musky Elegance: Begin your indulgence with our 20ml Musky Oudh body wash, followed by our 20ml Musky Oudh body lotion, both leaving your skin with the rich, exotic aroma of the Middle East.

Herbal Hair Harmony: Revitalize your hair with our 20ml Herbal Essence Shampoo, a gentle formula that brings the nurturing power of nature to your locks.

Crafted with Care: Revel in our commitment to natural beauty with products that are lovingly handmade and free from SLS and parabens.

Chic Presentation: Each golden delight is presented in an adorable paper gift bag, complete with a ribbon that adds a touch of festive glamour.

Gifting Made Easy: Enjoy the convenience of free shipping within India and the luxury of receiving or giving a gift that arrives ready to enchant.

The "Gold Soiree Bag" isn't just a collection of items; it's a gilded invitation to pamper yourself or a loved one with the care and sophistication that only the festive season can bring.

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