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Extravagant Diwali Hamper

Contained within the resplendent packaging, discover:
- **Saffron Ritual Body Wash (300 ml):** An invigorating journey infused with the royal essence of saffron, curated to luxuriously pamper and enchant your senses.
- **Shea and Cocoa Body Wash (300 ml):** A rich, luscious blend, destined to envelop you in a cocoon of moisture and irresistible, velvety fragrance.
- **Lip Oil:** A kiss of sheer nourishment, promising soft, mistletoe-ready lips that whisper sweet nothings in every exchange.
- **Dhaatu Scented Candle:** A serene, evocative aroma that gently cascades through your spaces, crafting an ambiance of tranquility and festive warmth.
- **Elegant Cookie Tin:** A timeless classic, filled with delightful treats that serve as cherished morsels of shared joys and conversations.

In our endeavor to weave your sentiments into every gift, we offer **complimentary shipping within India** and the exclusive opportunity to personalize your token with a **customised tag or a handwritten note** upon request.

In every fold of our hamper, discover not just a gift, but an embodiment of your wishes, presented with utmost care and exclusivity. May each element serenade the festivities with grace, creating moments that linger, not just in hands, but in hearts, forever. Let the Extravagant Diwali Hamper be your messenger of love, prosperity, and elegant celebrations this festive season.


"Enchanting Diwali Elegance with Our Exclusive Festive Hamper" Indulge in the epitome of festive grandeur with our Extravagant Diwali Hamper, a beacon of luxury and thoughtful curation that seamlessly blends traditional elegance with contemporary charm. As the golden lights flicker and smiles illuminate every corner, our hamper becomes a heartfelt extension of your wishes, meticulously crafted to elevate every moment of this auspicious occasion.

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