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Espresso Euphoria Bamboo Basket:



Espresso Euphoria Bamboo Basket:

This handcrafted collection is designed to take you on a sensory journey, weaving together the festive spirit with the rich nuances of coffee.

- Chocolate Candy Bar Soap: Experience a luxurious bath-time reminiscent of decadent cocoa, a true indulgence that speaks to the soul.


- Fresh Coffee Soap (130g): Revel in the unmistakable essence of freshly brewed coffee, revitalizing your senses with every use.


- Caramel Boba Soap (130g): A delightful concoction where the rich sweetness of caramel harmoniously dances with playful boba, offering a unique cleansing experience.

- Coffee & Shea Scrub (50g): A symphony of gentle exfoliation and nurturing shea, unveiling a radiant and rejuvenated skin.

- Coffee & Coconut Butter (100g): A moisturizing embrace that marries the aromatic depth of coffee with the hydrating essence of coconut, leaving your skin beautifully fragrant.

- Coffee & Coconut Polish (100g): An exquisite exfoliating treat crafted to buff away the day's stresses and reveal a glowing allure.

- Fresh Coffee Face Wash (100ml): Dive into a daily ritual of invigoration, capturing the fresh vibrancy of coffee.

- Lindt Caramel Chocolate: A touch of gourmet sweetness, a treat that resonates with the heart of celebrations.

- Coffee Soy Wax Candle (300g): Illuminate your evenings with the comforting aroma of this coffee candle, setting the perfect mood for reflection and relaxation.

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