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Diwali Delicacies : Soap and Candle Set

Diwali Delicacies Set: Soaps and Candles (12) Aromatic Journey: Discover our Diwali Delicacies collection. Gujiya Candles: 3 candles with comforting Gujiya aroma. Baklava Candles: 3 candles with rich Baklava essence. Laddoo Soaps: 3 soaps echoing classic Laddoo charm. Jalebi Soaps: 3 soaps with spirited Jalebi twist. Presentation: Housed in a festive celebratory box.


Diwali Delicacies Set: Soaps and Candles (12)

Unique Blends: Dive into the aromatic world of our Diwali Delicacies Set.

Gujiya Candles: Immerse in the heartwarming aroma with 3 Gujiya scented candles.

Baklava Candles: Experience the rich and exotic scent with 3 Baklava scented candles.

Laddoo Soaps: Refresh with 3 soaps capturing the sweet allure of traditional Laddoos.

Jalebi Soaps: Lather up with the twisty, tangy fragrance of 3 Jalebi soaps.

Festive Packaging: Elegantly presented in a vibrant, celebratory box.

No Shipping Costs: Enjoy free shipping across India.

Personal Touch: Opt for a customised tag or a handwritten note upon request.

Make this Diwali special with our handcrafted collection, a blend of luxury and tradition.

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