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Diwali Aromas Soap and Candle Box

Diwali Aromas Soap and Candle Box: - Dive into a fusion of scents with our curated set. - Baklava Candles: Trio capturing the rich dessert aroma. - Laddoo Soaps: Three soaps reminiscent of the beloved sweet. - Gujiya Candles: Three, bringing the festive essence of Gujiya. - Packaged: Elegantly in a vibrant festive box.


Diwali Aromas Soap and Candle Box: - Immerse in a symphony of festive fragrances. - Baklava Candles: Three, echoing the layered richness of the dessert. - Laddoo Soaps: Triad, evoking memories of traditional sweetness. - Gujiya Candles: Trio, resonating with the heartwarming scent of Gujiya. - Presentation: Artfully encased in a radiant festive box. - Shipping: Enjoy the privilege of free delivery across India. - Bespoke Details: Option for a tailored tag or handwritten sentiment. An exquisite ensemble of Diwali sensations, thoughtfully curated for you.

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