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Divine Delight Dome Box

Divine Delight Dome Box - Where Euphoria Meets Elegance

Step into a world of whimsical wonders with the Divine Delight Dome box. Each item, carefully curated, offers a blend of nostalgia and luxury, ensuring an unforgettable sensory journey.



- Very Berry Body Polish (100g): Reveal radiant skin with the exfoliating prowess and delightful aroma of berries.


- Very Berry Body Scrub (100g): Dive deeper into berry indulgence, sloughing away impurities for a smoother skin finish.

- Donut Kajukatli Soap: A delightful fusion of tradition and fun, cleansing with a twist.

- Bubbly Berry Face Wash (100ml): Freshen up with the effervescence of berries, ensuring a pure and vibrant face.

- Bubbly Berry Shampoo (50ml): Let your locks dance in the bubbly berry rinse, promising shine and vitality.

- Handmade Strawberry Lemonade Soap (130g): Refresh your senses with this zesty and sweet concoction, turning bath times into a treat.

- Handmade Rainbow Popsicle Soap (90g): Add a splash of color to your routine, reminiscing summer days and joyous times.

- Yellow Cupcake Lip Balm: Keep your lips nourished and soft, with a hint of dessert delight.

- Yellow Cupcake Scented Candle: Light up your space with the sugary scent of cupcakes, spreading warmth and cheer.

- Lip Tint: Add a pop of color and care, ensuring your lips are ready for any occasion.

- Classy GOOD VIBES Sipper: Stay hydrated in style, imbibing positivity with every sip.

Exclusively For You:

- Embrace the authenticity with products handmade in small batches.

- Enjoy the perk of complimentary shipping across India.

- Personalize your gift with a handwritten note or tag upon request.

Housed in an elegant round box, the Divine Delight Dome is not just a gift, but a cherished experience, perfect for any occasion or simply to pamper oneself.

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