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Cofee And Shea Face Scrub (50gms)

Awaken your skin's innate vitality with our Coffee and Shea Scrub, a 50g handmade indulgence that brings together the invigorating properties of coffee oil with the deep nourishment of shea butter and coffee grounds. Specially formulated for dull and pigmented skin, this organic scrub is a blissful treat that even sensitive skin types can relish. Recommended Usage: For a radiant and revitalized complexion, incorporate this sumptuous scrub into your skincare routine twice a week. Elevate your skincare ritual with our Coffee and Shea Scrub, and unveil a luminous, more youthful complexion that radiates health and beauty.


Highlighted Features: - Coffee Oil: Infuse your skin with the rejuvenating essence of coffee oil, renowned for its antioxidants and skin-brightening attributes. - Shea Butter: Let the luxurious touch of shea butter deeply moisturize and smooth your skin, creating a velvety finish. - Coffee Grounds: Revel in the natural exfoliation provided by organic coffee grounds, effectively lifting away dead skin cells and impurities. - Organic and Handmade: Each scrub is a handcrafted wonder, made with meticulously selected organic ingredients to ensure the utmost quality. - Sensitive-Skin Friendly: Carefully designed to be gentle, this scrub is perfect for even the most sensitive skin types. -

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