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Camel Milk & Hemp Soap

Description Loaded with antioxidants of Camel Milk which has astonishing skin nourishing and lightening properties due to the presence of alpha hydroxy acids and Vitamins. Camel Milk Improves Skin Elasticity and Rejuvenates Dull & Life less Skin. Hemp Oil Is A Rich Source Of Gamma Linolenic and Omega Fatty Acids Which Helps In Hydrating Dry Skin and Improves Skin Quality. It has a very mild baby breath aroma.


Embark on a journey of opulent skincare with our Handmade Camel Milk and Hemp Exfoliating Soap, a splendid 130g creation designed to indulge your senses while bestowing your skin with nature’s finest elements. This handcrafted treasure envelops your skin in a rich, creamy lather derived from a sumptuous camel milk soap base, known for its wealth of benefits.

Purity of Camel Milk:
A historic secret of beauty, camel milk is lauded for its skin-loving properties, providing a haven of hydration and revitalization. Packed with natural alpha-hydroxy acids, camel milk gently exfoliates, peeling away the veil of dead skin cells to reveal a luminous, refreshed complexion beneath. The richness of vitamins C and A, alongside its natural antioxidant properties, elevates your skin’s vitality, protecting it from the perils of oxidative stress while enhancing its youthful resilience.

The Elegance of Hemp:
Infused with hemp oil, our soap brings forward the harmonious blend of hydration and balance. Renowned for its optimal omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, hemp oil showers your skin with essential fatty acids, ensuring a sanctuary of moisture and mitigating the trials of dryness and irritation. Coupled with hemp cake particles, a gentle exfoliant, this soap allows you to bask in a tender scrubbing sensation that polishes away impurities without stripping your skin of its natural, nourishing oils.

Gentle Embrace of Fragrance:
This luxuriant soap is subtly kissed with Eau de Baby fragrance oil, immersing you into a delicate, comforting aroma that whispers of innocence and tenderness. Each cleanse becomes an olfactory embrace, softly caressing your senses and bestowing upon your spirit a gentle, serene tranquility.

With each use, our Camel Milk and Hemp Exfoliating Soap unveils a symphony of skincare, where the harmonious melody of camel milk and hemp converge, gently serenading your skin towards a visage of vibrant luminosity and silky smoothness. Allow yourself to be enveloped in an elegant experience where exquisite ingredients dance with superior craftsmanship, crafting not merely a soap, but a sanctuary of skin-loving indulgence.

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