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Bubblegum Donut Bath Bomb

Bubblegum Burst: Donut Bath Bomb Dive! Dive into a 35-40g donut delight with our Bubblegum Burst bath bomb! Packed with natural oils for smooth skin, it fizzes into vibrant colors and unleashes a nostalgic bubblegum aroma. Perfect for kids, this bath treat transforms soak time into a bubbly, fun-filled spectacle. Drop, delight, and drift into bubblegum bliss! 🍩


Bubblegum Bliss: Donut Bath Bomb Extravaganza!

Introducing our Bubblegum Bliss bath bomb, playfully designed as a 35-40g donut, bursting with nostalgia and vibrant hues! Each spin in the tub releases a vibrant aroma reminiscent of classic bubblegum, adding a playful touch to your soak.

Key Features:

- Natural Oils: Enriched to moisturize and leave your skin velvety smooth.

- Fizzy Spectacle: Watch as your bath bubbles up with pops of color and delightful effervescence.

- Irresistible Bubblegum Aroma: A sensory journey back to your favorite childhood treat.

Perfect for the young ones and those young at heart, this bath bomb promises more than relaxation. Its unique donut shape makes every bath a jubilant event, enchanting kids and turning their splash time into a frothy festival.

Jump into jubilation! Drop the donut, relish the bubblegum aroma, and let the fizzy fantasy transport you to bubbly euphoria! 🍩

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