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Bamboo Bliss Bath Set

Celebrate Diwali with the Bamboo Bliss Bath Set. This curated collection offers six luxurious handmade soaps, a rejuvenating charcoal & tea tree face wash, an enlivening Oudh foot soak, and comes in an exquisite bamboo basket. Gift elegance and opulence this festive season


Bamboo Bliss Bath Set: Diwali Gifting Extravaganza 🪔

Immerse yourself in an opulent bathing odyssey with the Bamboo Bliss Bath Set, thoughtfully assembled for Diwali:

Six Handmade Soaps (130g each): Concocted with heartfelt dedication and pristine ingredients, each soap transcends routine bathing into an experience.

    - Handmade Saffron & Ubtan Scrub Soap: Bask in the sunlit glow and delicate exfoliation bestowed by saffron and ubtan.

    - Handmade Saffron Zest Soap: Savor the stimulating exuberance of saffron with every foam.

    - Handmade Night Musk Soap: Drift into a nocturnal reverie with the profound aroma of musk.

    - Handmade Sandalwood Soap: The enduring essence of sandalwood offers tranquility and renewal.

    - Handmade Oceanic Soap: Invigorate your senses with the boundless freshness of the ocean's embrace.

    - Handmade Oud Royale Soap: Indulge in the rich, lavish warmth of Oudh.

Charcoal & Tea Tree Face Wash (100ml): Clarify and invigorate your complexion with the dynamic duo of charcoal and tea tree.

Oudh Burst Foot Soak (125g): Bestow upon your feet the regal pampering they merit with this enlivening soak.

Exclusive Bamboo Basket with Lid: A versatile gem, perfect for safeguarding your bath treasures or as an exquisite ornament for any space.

Free Shipping Within India: We pledge a seamless delivery of your Diwali gift, sans any supplementary costs.

Personalised Touch: Intensify the sentiment of your gift with the option of a handwritten note or tag upon request.

This Diwali, bestow the Bamboo Bliss Bath Set upon yourself or those you cherish, and illuminate the festivity with sheer grace and brilliance. 🌟🛀🌿

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